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Vanessa Victor

WIA 24 Vanessa Victor photo

Vanessa’s Neurodiversity journey began as a worried mother back in 2007, when she was searching for a way to help her dyslexic son. He was struggling at school, badly, and she could see her bright, confident, happy boy becoming less confident and sure of himself day by day. Her search led her to the amazing Davis Methods. She signed her son up for a Davis Dyslexia programme and in the process, changed both of their lives forever!

The passion was ignited, and Vanessa spent the next 4 years training to become a licensed Davis Dyslexia, ADD and Autism Facilitator. During her extensive training, she had her own realisation: she was Dyslexic and ADD too (at the age of 42!). That explained a lot!

Since then it has been her mission to help neurodiverse people understand themselves, showing them how to remove their limiting beliefs and guiding them to accept their neurodiversity and ultimately themselves.

Vanessa’s life now is a lot less stressful, she understands her own neurodiversity, she knows how to work with it, and it’s her passion to enable others to feel the same through facilitating and coaching individuals, organisations and small group programmes, both online and in-person.

In her free time, she loves travelling, restoring furniture, and pursuing her new found interest of knitting.