Diversity Works NZ team

Diversity Works New Zealand is the national body for workplace diversity, equity and inclusion.

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We exist to help organisations do workplace inclusion well, and do well because of it.

Our establishment as the Equal Opportunities Trust in 1992 was an acknowledgment by leaders in the public and private sectors that the world of work was changing. The immediate need, at the time, was research and training to build skills in organisations to manage an increasingly diverse talent pool.

Since then, we have been sustained by a unique partnership between government and employers.

Over time, we have seen consistent and steady improvement in the maturity of the disciplines and practice related to the development of inclusive organisational cultures. More recently we have seen an ever-escalating global intolerance of inequities and systemic barriers to equality in our society.

Today we strive to contribute positively to workplace cultures of inclusion through our mahi with more than 650 member organisations of all types and sizes, all around the mōtu. We do this through three strategic pillars:

  • Knowledge – we act as New Zealand’s authority focused on increasing the depth of knowledge on issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion in New Zealand.
  • Collaboration - we connect stakeholders in the diversity ecosystem into a framework that creates a movement for change in New Zealand.
  • Engagement - we enable businesses to unlock the value of diversity for economic and social prosperity through a range of quality products and services supporting inclusion.