14 February 2023

Pre-conference workshop

The Wall Walk

Dr Simone Bull

Time: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Member | $225.00
Non-member | $295.00
(limited space available)

Part theatre, part study, part kōrero, The Wall Walk® is an interactive half-day workshop designed to raise collective awareness of key events in the history of New Zealand’s bicultural relations. It sits nicely with any organisation committed to building stronger relationships with Māori.

Through the knowledge gain or refresh, the walk invites participants – before, during and after – to think more about the impact of history on today’s social outcomes, and to think more about our role and effectiveness today, tomorrow, and ahead.

Each attendee plays a small role in the walk, requiring a little bit of preparation (not much, and interesting stuff). All participants need to commit to doing the preparation, which is given two weeks before the workshop.

The workshop is not a physical walk; it’s a room-based event, a walk through time and events. The walk invites new or deeper consideration about particular events, and their impact for Māori and for Aotearoa New Zealand.

It is engaging and informative, conducted within a very collaborative and supportive environment.