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Suki Xiao

WIA 24 Suki Xiao

Founder of As You and an ICF credentialed Associate Certified Coach, Suki is a recognised coach, mentor and leader across the public, private and social sectors. Suki specialises in women-of-colour coaching and delivers Aotearoa's first-ever Women of Colour Leadership programme Accentuated.

Prior to starting As You, Suki was an Agile Coach at Xero, Meridian Energy and Datacom (through Nomad8), where she coached, enabled and supported teams and leaders in performance enhancement and developing new ways of working. Suki has served on the leadership team of Xero Partner Products and has worked with a range of people, from CEO to early career professionals. Prior to coaching, Suki was a Policy Advisor in MBIE and a Tax Consultant at KPMG. Suki has a BCom/LLB conjoint degree, is a Vipassana meditator and was a Youthline phone counsellor.