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Sarah Macdonald

WIA24 Sarah Macdonald

Sarah is a passionate advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging work in all aspects of our communities and has more than two decades of experience working and studying in related fields.

In recent times, she has been working at a grassroots level, walking alongside migrants and forcibly displaced people in Aotearoa. This work has focused on supporting those from the wider community to better understand the complexities of arriving in Aotearoa with varied lived experiences and finding ways to build connections.

Sarah is a qualified Intercultural Competency and Communication Trainer and she also has degrees in International/Global Studies and Conflict Resolution as well as a Masters of Human Rights (hons).

Sarah always takes a creative and multi-dimensional approach to support this mahi. She is dyslexic thinker who, as an adult has begun to find her superpower in finding ways to communicate the big issues. Her end goal is to inspire bravery and curiosity so that we can have the deeper, more uncomfortable conversations that lead to change.

She also passionate about what it means to be Tangata Tiriti and has been on this journey since arriving back in Aotearoa after many years away.