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Nicky Benson

WIA24 Nicky Benson

I have a keen interest is authentic leadership and how notions of individual courage can lead to positive systemic impact in workplaces and communities. My style has been described as inspiring, creative, courageous, insightful and transforming.

I work with senior leadership teams as a team coach to cultivate collaborative, inclusive cultures, am an ICF PCC accredited coach and a certified Mental Health Coach with over 1000 hours experience coaching leaders in organisations across the NGO, Corporate and SME business sector and a sought-after facilitator.

My commercial experience spans roles as Head of Product Training for The Body Shop in London in the mid 80’s to 90’s, Franchise owner of The Body Shop store Harrogate, Communications Consultant, Director at PwC in area of Performance Improvement and Resilience and as learning Director for the NZCSI Social Entrepreneurs School. I have been a coach and facilitator on the Global Women Breakthrough leaders and Activate programs.

I work holistically and recognise the importance of people continually working on their own development, mental flexibility and self-care to adapt, thrive and lead through the complexity of change their role’s increasingly demand.