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Amanda Reid

WIA 24 Amanda Reid photo

Amanda Reid is a Principal Consultant at Business and Economic Research Ltd (BERL). BERL is a New Zealand-owned and operated consultancy offering economic and policy research, as well as strategic and business management advisory services. Their clients include community organisations, Māori entities, and government agencies. Amanda has over 20 years of experience in management and governance roles in the social sector, covering family violence prevention, peer mental health services, and economic empowerment.

She joined BERL in 2018 from the Institute of Directors, where she worked in the Governance Leadership Centre on issues around diversity, transparency, and integrated thinking. Her areas of interest at BERL are the not-for-profit/community sector, te ōhanga Māori (the Māori economy), and issues affecting the workforces, including workforce development strategies, understanding retention and attrition, workforce wellbeing, and the value of diversity.

Amanda’s research projects have looked at structural barriers to women’s economic inclusion, measured pay gaps across occupations and demographics, and looked at the impact of skill development on equitable futures for Māori.