17 February 2023

Post conference workshop

Jump-start workshop – Professional accreditation

Diversity Works New Zealand

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Free for full conference delegates

There is a noticeable increase in focus on workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) across the motu with growing demand for professionals who can effectively implement and lead this mahi. Many organisations are creating new roles to serve this need – a trend that is supported by global changes and developments in the DEI field. However, without appropriate experience, training and understanding of the nuanced DEI landscape in Aotearoa, it is common for practitioners to overlook key elements of DEI practice, rush the process of organisation-wide change, and miss important underlying issues. This could lead to resistance and defensiveness within organisations, rather than progress.

Diversity Works New Zealand has identified the need for formal and standardised acknowledgement of the knowledge, skills, and experience required to effectively implement and lead DEI within workplaces in Aotearoa. In so-doing, we will raise the national profile of the DEI profession, have formal standard of accountability for the DEI profession in Aotearoa, and build an engaged community of workplace inclusion professionals.

The accreditation framework will be launched on the final day of the Whiria Ngā Kaha Workplace Inclusion 2023 Conference. Leaders and practitioners who want to know more about the criteria and process to pursue professional DEI accreditation are invited to attend the Jump-Start Post Conference Workshop. At this interactive workshop, participants will learn about the competency framework, the assessment process, and ongoing professional development for accredited practitioners and leaders.